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Faster Data Capture

Physician burn out skyrocketed during the Meaningful Use era, as physicians lost control of their practice due to increasing government regulation. Meaningful Use required workflow caused many physicians to lament that they spent more time entering data into the computer than taking care of patients.

Patients need doctors, not data entry

Turning physicians into data entry employees is bad for everyone involved in healthcare. Patients need doctors, not data entry. Physicians entered medicine because they wanted to take care of patients. Practices struggling to balance real world patient demand and government requirements employed the (mother of all workarounds) scribes to enter data into the EHR for Meaningful Use.

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In the good old days, physicians could complete a paper encounter form with their eyes closed and dictate a concise, relevant note summarizing the encounter. This process was efficient and optimized for the physician’s productivity, however it did not generate the discrete data required under Meaningful Use.

Regain control of your practice and your workflow

Now that Meaningful Use is over, EHRs are opening access through APIs and MIPS provides significant flexibility in how outcomes are accomplished there are new opportunities for physician practices to regain control of their practice and their workflow.

Value Based Reimbursement under MIPS will require better data for accurate risk adjustment and measurement of quality outcomes and cost effectiveness. However, this does not mean that physicians need to spend more time after hours doing data entry work or hire more scribes to feed the beast.

White Plume helps physician practices capture data as fast as possible. Data should be captured one time, with minimum number of clicks to populate clinical and financial systems.

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