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Creating Order Out of Chaos

The past 7 years of the Meaningful Use Era of healthcare have been particularly chaotic for patients, physicians and physician practices. Significant government regulation and industry changes combined to create chaos in the system ultimately resulting in historic levels of physician burnout.

Healthcare is currently transitioning from the Meaningful Use Era to the Value Based Reimbursement Era. This gigantic change, has already started, but will take many years to ripple through the entire industry. The landmark, bi-partisan legislation MACRA permanently repealed SGR, sunset the old Meaningful Use, PQRS and VBM programs. However, the bill also created the Quality Payment Program (QPP) better known as MIPS and APM. These programs continue the march towards measuring and paying for Quality outcomes and Cost effectiveness.

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MIPS and APM certainly outline a framework for measuring and adjusting reimbursement for patient outcomes and cost effectiveness, however these programs give physicians significant flexibility in how they achieve these goals. This flexibility is a significant opportunity for physician practices to regain order and control over their practices.

Physician practices can seize the opportunity created by MIPS to regain control of workflow and restore order to their practices

EHR vendors grew rapidly during the Meaningful Use Era, not by responding to client needs but by conforming to government standards. Now that the MU incentives and penalties are over, these same vendors position themselves as digital health platforms that communicate with innovative healthcare technology companies through APIs. Leveraging API powered solutions that connect with the EHR, enables practices to dictate their own workflow.

White Plume helps physician practices create order out of chaos. Physicians can spend less time on data entry and more time with patients. Physicians can capture better data for value based reimbursement, faster than today.

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