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Physician Training Takes 15 Minutes

45 secondsThere are two critical aspects that enable physicians to quickly learn how to use AccelaCAPTURE. The first is familiarization with and marking the electronic superbill, the second is minimizing the number of clicks required to get the right code the first time.

In order to minimize the training time for the physician end user, the design of the electronic superbill is very important. White Plume customizes each electronic superbill to look as familiar as possible for the physician. This shortens the learning curve for the physician. All of the codes are in the same physical location on the superbill. Selecting these codes is as simple as clicking or tapping on the desired code or description.

The physician can be trained to use the electronic superbill very quickly if the superbill is designed to protect the physician’s muscle memory.

In order to minimize the training time for the physician end user with respect to the additional detail required with ICD-10, again we will leverage the physician’s muscle memory. There is no additional detail required for CPT coding in ICD-10. For diagnosis selection, the physician will click in the exact same place and the ICD-10 popups will display the appropriate ICD-10 choices. For most practices, 15-40% of diagnosis codes can be converted directly to an ICD-10 code. The more complex conversions will require the physician to select from the ICD-10 popup.

The popups can be customized for each practice that organize the new coding requirements into multiple dimensions, to quickly show the and to allow for the fastest possible selection with the fewest number of clicks.

Familiar superbill design, physician muscle memory and intuitive workflow makes physician training fast and easy.

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